Warm Bodies Review: Tony Stonem as Zombie Romeo

Warm Bodies has FINALLY been released in cinemas Down Under. The wait was SO WORTH IT.


I went this weekend with The Boyfriend, The Sister, and The Sister’s Boyfriend. (No, it was not a double-date). You could see that the movie-going crowd was predominantly couples and groups of girls, but I can tell you right now: THIS IS NOT JUST A CHICK FLICK.

The movie was surprisingly funny and startlingly heart-warming (ho ho! geddit?). Nicholas Hoult was a complete charmer as walking corpse, ‘R’ (he doesn’t remember his whole name). I’ve loved Nicholas Hoult since Skins and its nice that his piercing blue eyes are being deployed in a fashion other than devilish self-interest a la Tony Stonem.

Sweet Zombie Tony wanders aimlessly through a zombie-infested airport, mourning his pointless existence and longing to connect. He does so occasionally with his middle-aged, also dead buddy, M / Marcus – if you count grunting as communication.

One day, a pack of them travel to a city looking for some yummy brains. Here, he encounters a human girl, Julie – a.k.a. Blonde Kristen Stewart with facial expressions (Teresa Palmer). He is immediately drawn to her – a connection further deepened by Zombie Tony ingesting her boyfriend’s (a deliciously douchebaggy, Dave Franco) brains ( zombies absorb their human’s memories).

With the pack having devastated the group of humans, Zombie Tony protects Blonde Kristen Stewart from detection by smearing his zombie blood goo on her face to mask her scent. He takes her back to the airport by having her pretend to be a zombie and installs her in his special hidey-home, a Boeing aircraft.

Blonde K-Stew demonstrating the emotion of ‘disgust’

So basically, from here on out, its a bunch of scenes about how they eventually become friends and fall in love. I know that sounds cynical, but it was actually pretty sweet. Except for all the hipster references. Gawd, can we please have a teen/young adult romance WITHOUT any talk of how awesome vinyl is and how fun Polaroids are. Just because you like old stuff, it doesn’t automatically make you cool. (Except if you’re Zombie Tony Stonem, I guess)

Lest you think its another silly inter-species romance Twilight rip-off, I’ll have you know that it most certainly isn’t! I’ve never read the book, but I’ve been told that Isaac Marion’s manuscript takes a serious tack on the zombie-love concept. The film smartly errs from this by employing wry humour to counter-balance the general weirdness of zombie-love (necrophilia, anyone?). Fortunately, it doesn’t drift off into some mocktastic parody. The film manages to find a balance of not taking itself too seriously while still handling the material with respect, topped with a heaping scoop of heart. Plus, there’s a even a shout-out to William Shakespeare (balcony scene!).

SERIOUSLY, drag your boyfriends, your boy-friends, your brothers, and your dads (okay, maybe not your dads) to this movie with you! I promise you, its not even gross when she kisses his zombie lips!

If you don’t believe me, just watch the trailer. See the humour and heart and stuff as evidenced here:

Aaaand, bonus Nicholas Hoult (how sad is it that he’s not with Jennifer Lawrence anymore?):

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