Dove Real Beauty Sketches: Women are insecure wretches

The beauty industry lost its collective shit when Dove released its Real Beauty Campaign. Real women, with real butts, on 10-ft tall billboards? The absurdity!

Dove: life-size tits and thighs

Dove: life-size tits and thighs

You know you’ve hit advertising gold when people start doing send-ups of your ad:

We some fine b*tches

Anyway, there’s a new Dove Real Beauty video thats virus-ing up the interwebs. Its corny, but kinda lovely so shut up and watch:

Touching – oh yeah

Thought-provoking – damn straight

A tiny bit manipulative – okay, maybe

As cynical as I am, I’m a person who is easily moved to tears at the right material. I will often bawl like an infant at a highly effective commercial.  Anyway, I was a little choked up on this one. Thats my barometer – if you can induce me to sweat from my eyes like an obese American trundling into a McDonald’s, then you must be doing something vaguely right.

Its a nice way to freshen up a stale campaign, anyhow.

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