Filth Trailer: James McAvoy is despicably charming

After watching Trance (and just about every other film in his body of work), I have concluded that James McAvoy is a sociopath.

He has an uncanny ability to make the most despicable characters seem utterly charming. That, is a quality he shares with the illustrious likes of Ted Bundy, Patrick Bateman, and Gordon Gekko.

In all seriousness, James McAvoy is one of the best of his generation. I will continue to love him no matter how repulsive he gets on screen. Its the eyes – the crazy, blue, ‘imma melt yo soul’ eyes. He could totally get all Hannibal up in my face and I’d still be happy just to breathe his second-hand air. I’m totally captive.

James McAvoy is, undoubtedly, the shit:

The movie looks like a hit or miss. Could be excellent a la Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Or all the politically-incorrect comedy could be less comedic and just plain politically-incorrect.

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