Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer: The Cumberb*tches are drooling

I usually write a whole spiel about the movie I’m posting about, but if you don’t know what Star Trek is – you should just go kill yourself right now.

This latest trailer is pretty heinous. Its heavy-handed (omg explosions! explosions! explosion-y EXPLOSIONS!), cheesy (“I believe in you, Jim”), and its most terrible flaw – THERE IS NOT ENOUGH CUMBERBATCHY!

I think we can all agree that excitement for the next Star Trek instalment hinges heavily on how popular Benedict Cumberbatch is right now. He’s even got his own pack of rabid Cumberbitches (yes, that is totally what they call themselves). I may not be a Cumberbitch, but I totally get it. The eyes, the cheekbones, THAT VOICE…

Oh yeah, and he’s the BEST Sherlock Holmes. YEAH, that’s right – even better than Robert Downey Jr. Take that, Internet denizens!


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