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Eurovision 2013: Satan’s answer to Susan Boyle

I stole that title from an excellent comment on YouTube. I can’t formulate anything else that encapsulates the essence of this song quite like those five words.

All I can say is that I really wish I was European. I would vote the shit out of this.

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So ‘Epic’

The Sister and The Sister’s Boyfriend went to see this ‘symphonic metal band’ (as she describes them) called, Epica.

So, I’m not a huge metal fan. I don’t know too much about metal. But, I just wanted to share my first impressions on the Interwebs:


Please, enjoy:

Sidenote: Ginger Girl has an amazing voice.

Sidenote #2: This was a comment on their YouTube page┬ácopied verbatim – “I just noticed how Mark’s screams improved a lot :O I saw them live in Brisbane and his screams were so GOOD.” (Hahahaha!!! I just can’t…)

Sidenote #3: The Sister’s Boyfriend walked out of their show and said, “That was EPIC.” That’s an actual quote. You’re welcome!

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