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WHCD: The Nerd Prom

The annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner happened over the weekend. The best, most awesome stuff always comes spinning off when the planet’s two most narcissistic worlds collide: Politics and the Movie Industry. Technically, this is meant to be a dinner hosted for the media industry, but its basically devolved into a parade of who can bring the coolest celeb to their table.

Item #1: Sarah Palin hates ‘DC assclowns’

I guess no one wanted to invite the bitter debate geek to The Nerd Prom.

Item #2: Conan being Conan

That is, being awkward and awesome. Eat it, Fox News!

Item #3: The Prom King being smooth

That’s why he’s been voted Most Popular.

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VSauce – What is Deja Vu?

This comes courtesy of The Boyfriend:

A-hah! So epileptic episodes in my brain that are causing Deja Vu! Not a glitch in The Matrix! How comforting.

OR IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT US TO THINK? Cleverly done, Agent Smith.


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New Zealand Hearts Rainbows

I’m a few days behind on all this, but I just wanted to congratulate New Zealand Parliament for passing the ground-breaking bill that recognises the right for two people that love each other to acknowledge that through legal union. Thank you for showing the people of Oceania that same-sex marriage will not result in a giant flaming apocalypse. Take note, Australia.

MP Maurice Williamson of the National Party is the beezneez:

And this video moved my entire office to tears. If you don’t choke up a little, you’re an ice cold demon. You’re Betty Draper.

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