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The Sound of Music Flashback: Cpt Von Trapp blows my whistle

I recently felt the overwhelming urge to watch The Sound of Music again. This urge has not reared its saccharine head in almost a decade. But, all of a sudden, I was struck by this resounding need to watch Julie Andrews yodel while running through the hills.

Okay, so she doesn’t actually do that in the movie, but when one thinks of The Sound of Music, one thinks of yodeling, hills, and lots of drape-clad children.

Green Drapes-Lederhosen: the hot new trend

Like I said, I hadn’t watched The Sound of Music in its entirety for years. I’d always remembered it as this fluffy family film that takes a random turn towards Nazis. This never really sat well with seven-year-old me – it was just completely bewildering. It got all serious and tense all of a sudden. Why weren’t they singing Do-Re-Mi anymore? Why is there a GUN?! Baffling.

The Sound of Music was always just a “yeah, it was pretty good” movie for me. I never understood is timelessness. However, re-watching it as a young adult with a comprehensive knowledge of the atrocities committed by the Third Reich, I’ve completely fallen in love with the hope and joy it unashamedly exudes in the presence of something as ugly as Nazism.

That’s it, isn’t it? That’s why its a classic. It’s totally un-cynical celebration of innocence in the face of a brutal reality.

I read somewhere that, in the event of a nuclear strike, part of BBC’s broadcasting programme consists of playing The Sound of Music as a way to lift morale with survivors. Well, I don’t know about you, but if I happened to survive being irradiated to an inch of my death in an atomic mega-blast, I would find it incredibly comforting hearing Fraulein Maria singing about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Its all right, my darlings. Nuclear fallout can’t hurt you. Simply remember your favourite things, and then you won’t feel so bad.

Another thing I failed to notice in my previous watchings of The Sound of Music was how dashing Christopher Plummer was. I mean, look at him! He’s such a babe. I’m not British, and I never use this term, but if there existed an exclamation more appropriate for this man, it would be ‘PHWWOOOARR’:

Being the huge film trivia scaveneger that I am, I immediately launched a fanatical expedition to discover as much as I could about Young Christopher Plummer. After hours (okay, maybe 20 mins – I’m not crazy) of stalker-ish behaviour, I uncovered various gems that I’d like to share. Initially, everything I found melted my insides. Please, watch for yourself and join in me bliss:

And then I thought, ‘my, doesn’t he look familiar?’

Of course, I should’ve quit while I was ahead. He wasn’t the dapper gentleman with the Hugh Jackman personality that I had pictured him to be. Why must I always go ruin my perfectly good fantasies with reality?

1. He hated being in The Sound of Music. So much so that he called it ‘The Sound of Mucus’.

2. He ‘flirted’ with Liesl, the eldest Von Trapp, on the set. *shudder* 

3. He was a huge arrogant dick and a nasty drunk with anger issues.

4. He was really pretentious about the whole acting shtick:

So, he basically, he was kind of a bad boy. Too bad I’ve never been too fond of bad boys. Key operating word being “boys”. I’ll stick to men, thanks.

Is there anything more off-putting than an actor being un-gracious about a role that has pretty much immortalised him in cinema history? Thankfully, it seems that old age has mellowed him out a bit.


That’s the Christopher Plummer I’d like to remember – the living legend who is an ever-charming class act.



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Before Midnight Trailer: Jesse + Celine 4EVA

A sequel in the indie film world is rare. A threequel is completely unheard of.

That’s why film nerds around the world geeked out when it was announced that Richard Linklater would be filming a third installment to his indie romance epic!

The ballad of Jesse & Celine kicks off in Before Sunrise. Jesse (played by Ethan Hawke, circa ‘Reality Bites‘) is an American on his way to catch a flight back to USA fromVienna after getting dumped by his girlfriend who was studying in Europe. Celine (a cherubic Julie Delpy) is a Parisian university student on her way home from visiting her grandmère in Budapest. They meet on the train, strike up an awkward conversation about books, and, despite the stringy hair, Jesse manages to charm her into exploring Vienna with him.

The film tracks their relationship over the course of one night as they traverse the city of Vienna. All they do is talk and do romantic things that we all shit on for being cheesy but secretly want to do ourselves. Like lying under the stars in a park after conning a barman into giving a free bottle of wine. Yeah, you wish.

Despite the cheese, the thing that sets the film apart is how organically their connection develops. The ramble nonsensically about their dreams and ambitions, their conversations tinged with starry-eyed naiveté. Of course they fall in love. The film oscillates between moments of intensity and light-hearted silliness. Its what makes it so captivating, yet so entertaining.

Our love will be for eternity

BAHAHA!!! Morons.

As you guessed, they only have until sunrise before they are separated by circumstance.

I really don’t want to spoil anything else because the climax hits you like a ton of emotional bricks. Its safe to say that I bawled like an infant. Here’s an upbeat trailer, complete with peppy 90’s music to convince you that its not just a sopping sob-fest:

Their story picks up years later in Before Sunset. I can’t bring myself to spoil it in text so its your choice as to whether or not you watch the trailer. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT THE FOLLOWING TRAILER WILL SPOIL THE END OF THE FIRST FILM.

Please just go watch Before Sunrise? Please? Pretty please?

Alas, I am strongly against the concept of a nanny state so I will post it. I lay it upon your own conscience to make the choice – to Youtube, or not to Youtube?

Ugh, I guess you have no self control and MIGHT AS WELL just spoil Before Sunrise for yourself. Yeah, the trailer for Before Midnight is massively spoilery.

Now that you’ve ruined the plot for yourself, go back and watch the films in full. You owe me that, at least. I promise, the Before [insert temporal phenomenon here] films will clench its fist around your cynical heart and never let go.

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