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Man of Steel Trailer: Superman has chest hair

WHOOOO!! I love blockbuster season! This season’s going to be a doozy – Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Fast and Furious 6 (can you smell what The Rock is cooking?). For chrissakes, Iron Man 3 comes out NEXT WEEK. Take note, citizens of the world. Robert Downey Jr needs another $50 million.

If anyone is going to compete with Iron Man, its going to be Henry Cavill in spandex.

Directed by Zack Snyder, produced by Christopher Nolan. Man of Steel looks incredibly promising. Christopher Nolan is now the Yoda of dark and cerebral superhero films. If its got his tick of approval, then its definitely got mine.

Word Vomit:

It’s really stretching the imagination to think that genetically-perfect Henry Cavill resulted from Russell Crowe’s sperm.

That’s an awful lot of red plaid for one family of farmers. (Or, is it?)

“My son was in the bus. He saw what Clark did,” a woman says accusingly. Uh, Clark just saved your son’s life? How about a bit of bloody gratitude.

The film is going to be very blue tonally. Zack Snyder is really doing Henry Cavill a big favor in bringing out those baby blues.

The trajectory of the narrative seems to be tracking the origins of Clark Kent as he grows to become Superman. One of the reasons I found Dark Knight to be groundbreaking was its sophisticated approach to handling themes of morality and human nature. Here, Nolan / Snyder explore the idea of being an outcast and the theme of transcendence through selflessness. Look, it sounds a bit pretentious, but its gonna be aaawesome (I hope).


Superman does not wax.

Superman does not wax.

AMY ADAMS! AMY ADAMS! AMY ADAMS! Finally, a Lois Lane I can get behind. Shove off, Margot Kidder / Kate Bosworth (ugh) / Teri Hatcher (double ugh – mostly because The Boyfriend used to have a massive crush on her).

That’s a fabulous red cloak.

Hahahaha the “S” means ‘hope’ on Krypton. STOOPID.

Michael Shannon as General Zod? A BIG HELLS YES TO CASTING! Michael Shannon is all sorts of awesome. Henry Cavill needs to get his game-face on if he presumes to challenge the great Michael Shannon. If you haven’t seen him in Take Shelter, I demand you go see it right now. RIGHT NOW.

Alas, Russell Crowe has a really soothing voice. I wonder if it sounded this way when he told Rebel Wilson to ‘f*ck off’:


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