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Now You See Me Trailer: Magic is for the cool kids

In the immortal words of The Boyfriend: “This is either going to be really shit, or really good.”

So in that spirit, let’s explore the reasons why I hope this will be good and not shit.

Now You See Me looks a bit like The Prestige wrapped up in the glitzy Vegas packaging of 21 It tells the story of four young magicians, ‘The Four Horseman’, who perform some serious rockstar-David Copperfield magic to rob banks and so forth. The effects look like they’re going to be really cool, but then again, I get super excited for that kind of superficial crap. Hopefully, it’ll err more towards incredibly imaginative real-world magic, and not outlandishly ridiculous Harry Potter stuff (I LOVE HP, but Harry Potter magic should stay in Harry Potter).

At least the cast looks relatively promising. I’m down with anything Woody Harrelson deems worthy. Here are your Horsemen:

Discount Amy Adams, Mark Zuckerberg, Cowboy Haymitch in a Suit, Doucheface Franco

I mean, it can’t be that bad if ALFRED, THE HULK, and GOD are in it:

Mafia Alfred says GIVE ME MY MONEY

No green rage monster this time, folks. Just a gun.

God is big-time pimpin’

Anyway, here’s the trailer. Pretty intriguing, non?

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Zombieland The Series Trailer: Eat my brains. PLEASE.


Can we please stop ruining perfectly good films with half-assed series remakes? Please, I beg you, go watch the original and be thankful that The Walking Dead already corners the market on zombie serials.

How can the series even compare? The original has got:

Mark Zuckerberg

Emma frickin’ Stone

Little Miss Sunshine toting a gun

Cowboy Haymitch





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