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Mud Trailer: The Resurgence of Matthew McConaughey

For the longest time, Matthew McConaughey languished in rom-com hell. I was really mean about him. I made fun of his hair, his abs, and his lack of acting abilities. With regards to the latter, I must eat my words because Matthew McConaughey is turning out to be kinda awesome.

I love it when he gets all dirty and Southern. This looks like its going to be a helluva movie. How can it not be? Michael Shannon is in it.

Honestly, I only posted this because I wanted a reason to share this. Everybody, just shield your eyes a bit. You need to prepare them to soak all this batshitty-ness up:


I’m sure by now everyone has heard about what a huge b*tchbag Reese Witherspoon was to a police officer who pulled over her hubby, CAA Agent Jim Toth, for a DUI. It takes some real gumption to pull out the “Do you know who I am?” card. I think you can only do that and not look like a moron if you’re Barack Obama.


Ehehehe.. I feel stoopid now.

Maybe this low-classy episode of her’s was just a master-class in the Method? After all, she does play a backwater hussy in Mud.


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